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Howard Middle Robotics
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MASP website is the host of the registration for Howard Middle Steam Powered Kids Robotics and Drones. 

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  • Howard Drone and Design Club (Winter-Spring 2023)

    Drones and Design Spring 2023 (Middle School) Thursdays Time: 4:30 - 6:00 The program prepares members to fly and build drones to participate in the yearly Drones For Good (DFG) Competition hosted by G3 Robotics @ Midtown High-school. You can learn more about competition here: Students will work both individually and in teams to develop winning designs. The competition itself will be held in the 2023 spring term in Late April early May. previous experience with drones is required. In addition to the built-from-scratch drones we work on for team competition, students will be responsible for the upkeep and health of their trainer drone that they will use to practice obstacles, learn battery management and hone their piloting skills. When not flying, we will delve into the world of material science as we encourage experimenting with different materials to achieve the delicate balance between strength and weight. Drone safety is our number-one priority and by the end of the term all students will have completed drone safety and certification with the FAA and AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics). This includes passing the Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) that allows for the flying of drones over .5 lbs. A youth membership of $15/year with the AMA is required to participate in the DFG competition and is not included in the registration cost of this program. All supplies are included in the Fee, including the trainer drones. Questions?